“Multidisciplinary Research in Archaeology” is an academic periodical conceived as a successor to a recurring same-name publication that was in print since 2014 through 2017. The journal is published by Institute of History, Archaeology, and Ethnography of Peoples of the Far East, FEB, RAS.

Editor-in-chief:  Professor, Dr. Nikolay N. Kradin, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The journal embraces great many aspects of multidisciplinary approach to archaeological problems in Far Eastern Russia, Siberia, and beyond — including Eurasia, America, and regions of the World. The editorial staff sets their goal to consolidate scholarly efforts to implement latest advanced technologies and creative approaches, whenever applicable, to the studies in mankind’s history on a broader scale.

The magazine’s main objectives are the following:
• theoretical and practical archaeology;
• human adaptation to environmental changes;
• economic and social reconstructions;
• reconstruction of ancient production;
• methods of archaeological science;
• preservation of museum collections, archaeological heritage.

Our readers are expected to include devoted scholars, teachers, museum activists, postgraduate students and master’s degree holders, all enthusiasts involved in accumulation of knowledge about the history of humankind.
Our journal is designed as international publication and welcomes contributions from scholars all over the world; we impose no geographical restrictions.
Frequency: two issues a year.

All full-text copies of printed issues are available in the “Contents” section and on the Scientific Electronic Library (eLIBRARY.RU) website or at CyberLeninka Open Science website.
All articles submitted for publishing are subject to peer reviews. The articles are published on the first-come first-served basis after having been reviewed and accepted. Information for authors can be found in the “Information for Authors” and “Ethical principles” sections.

Authors do not pay any fees to be published.

This magazine has been assigned ISSN 2658-3550 and a registration certificate of the Ministry of Press, Broadcasting and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation – PI No. FS 77-75546 of 12 April 2019.

Contacts at the Science Group of IHAE FEB RAS Publishing Department.

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Address: office 53, 89 Pushkinskaya Street, Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnology of Peoples of the Far East FEB RAS, Vladivostok, Russia, 690001

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